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ANJCOMP's accelerated internet service.



Dial Up Features


Basic Internet Connection With Accelerator-for dialup 5 times faster

Unlimited Internet Access

One Dial Up Account

One Email

Phone Technical Support-(800)347-0173): 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri

Online technical






Type Of Payment Price Per Month Activation Fee Total Cost
  Monthly Cash/Checks Mailed 12.99 4.99 17.98*
  Quarterly Cash/Checks Mailed 11.99 Waived 35.97
  Monthly Elec. Checks 11.49 Waived 11.49
  Yearly Cash/Checks Mailed 10.99 Waived 131.88
  Quarterly Credit Card Auto Charge 10.99 Waived 32.97
  Yearly Credit Card Auto Charge 9.99 Waived 95.88

Prices subject to change and are correct at time of publishing.

Minimum Charge for using Credit Card billing $19.98.

These prices are for all customers, if you want to change to a different price or term, you can at any time.

For current customers, if you are on different pricing, and you become Past Due for any reason,  you will be converted to the new pricing.

Will guarantee the rate you have as long as you stay current.   

* 17.98 is the First Month Only after that $12.99 Per month.